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  • Thyrenol Testimonial 1

    I was tired all the time, my immune system was weak, I felt cold all the time and was constantly in a bad mood. When I realised that my symptoms were starting to affect my family I knew I had to act. I spoke with my doctor and after blood tests, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. He recommended a few natural ingredients that I should look for in products, so I started my search and this one had all of them. It took around a month but I started to feel myself getting stronger, my mood was improving and I actually started feeling much better. My health has definitely improved and I couldn't be happier that I bought this product. My family also agrees!

    Samantha B. -- Sales Manager/Mom

  • Thyrenol Testimonial 2

    I cannot believe the difference after about 4 weeks of taking Thyrenol. Fantastic product. It has made me feel so positive about the future and I’m living again!!

    Bobby G. - Computer Engineer

  • Thyrenol Testimonial 3

    Today, my doctor told me that my thyroid levels are more "normal" than a few months ago. I am so happy. THANK YOU Thyrenol!

    Jane D. - Full Time Mom of Four

  • Thyrenol Testimonial 4

    Thyrenol definitely helped to increase my clarity and focus, and overall energy. I have been on prescription thyroid medication for at least 15 years and had every classic symptom for an underactive thyroid. When given blood tests, the doctors always told me that my numbers were OK, but I still felt awful. I hated the fact that I took medication everyday and I was beginning to have side effects. I took drastic action, and decided to go all natural. I changed my diet, started exercising more and began taking Thyrenol. In the last month I have lost weight and feel great for the first time in 15 years!

    Jenny G. - Store Worker

  • Thyrenol Testimonial 5

    Over the past year, I noticed a marked decline in my energy levels. I often felt the need to rest no matter how much sleep I managed to get the night before, and this has been accompanied by a range of other symptoms that tally up almost to perfection with hypothyroidism. While I was waiting to see my endocrinologist, I began researching supplements that might help with thyroid dysfunction. I wanted all natural and I wanted the best. After reading several very good reviews I figured that the most I had to lose was my time, so it couldn't hurt to give it a shot. I'm so very glad I did. My hands and feet are no longer ice cold and no longer feel cold while everyone feels comfortable. I wake before the alarm goes off, unheard of in my world! Generally, my energy levels have increased and I feel much better. I will continue to monitor my TSH levels but for now I’m so grateful that the only thing I am using to treat my condition is all natural.

    Lainey C. - Writer

  • Thyrenol Testimonial 6

    Since I've started using Thyrenol I've had a dramatic change in my energy level. I'm not tired all the time anymore and I am more motivated! But most of all my moderate hair loss has stopped! Which is why I bought this product in the first place! I am so happy I found it and I highly recommend it!!

    Julie P. - Yoga Instructor

  • Thyrenol Testimonial 1

    This product is great!!! I am borderline hypo, so I really didn't want to take prescription medicine. I started taking this supplement and within two weeks noticed a difference. My energy was improved and my daily 'foggy' feeling reduced. The best thing to happen for me was that my hair stopped falling out. This has renewed my self confidence. This is the best thyroid supplement! I am thrilled with Thyrenol!!!

    Jenny T. - Nurse

  • Thyrenol Testimonial 2

    I have tried everything out there for my underactive thyroid. Some were OK, others useless. After a lot of research, I felt that the ingredients in Thyrenol were perfect. I purchased a three month supply. After just a week, I felt different (dare I say it, normal!). After a month, I realised that my hair had stopped falling out and my skin was glowing. My TSH levels, T3 and T4 are almost back to where they should be. Amazing!

    Suzanne D - Journalist

  • Thyrenol Testimonial 3

    Worked great to help with my Hashimoto thyroid symptoms and I would highly recommend to any one with thyroid issues. I have an increase in energy and I have stopped catching every cold out there. My hair and skin look great but the most important things for me, I FEEL great.

    Camilla B. - Dancer

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